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About Nirvana Health

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Nirvana Health Group offers high quality, affordable health care, built around same day access and integrated services.

We are the largest independent primary health care group in New Zealand, serving 230,000 enrolled patients across 44 clinics. Our care is provided by networks across Auckland, employing 1000 staff including 300 doctors. On any given day, Nirvana Health provides care to 4000 people.

Several key factors ensure innovative and effective care for our patient populations:

Over three decades of care – continual practice development 

The company’s roots go back to Otara in 1977, when Dr Kantilal Patel and Mrs Ranjna Patel took over a one-doctor, one receptionist practice. Together they served Otara’s culturally diverse population, and steadily went from strength to strength, while holding true to family values. 

For over 40 years, the company, known as ETHC, developed primary health care clinics and services to meet the needs of rapidly growing Auckland communities. Recently renamed Nirvana Health Group, it now has vast experience in the delivery of primary care services to the diverse communities of the greater Auckland region.

Affordable, extended hours services

Nirvana Health offers a range of services within the scope of GP practice, including medical consultations, ACC, radiology, maternity, minor surgery and immunisation. 

Our goal is to maintain an extended hours, affordable primary health care service. We also work closely with patients discharged from hospital, and engage with patients diagnosed with, or at risk of, chronic diseases to meet short term and long term health needs. Through our network, patients have access to these services seven days a week, 8:00am to 11:00pm.

Better together – our collegial network

The success of our clinics has been driven by the strength of our integrated practice teams and the quality of services each member provides to our patients. Collectively, we do this by ensuring that our values – professionalism, quality, trust, caring access and innovation – are part of our daily practice. 

All our practices are RNZCGP Cornerstone accredited: our clinics meet the expected standards of quality and presentation, providing patients and staff with appropriate facilities for optimal care.

Nirvana Health’s teams include GPs, operations managers, nurses, clinical assistants, clinical family navigators and receptionists.

Our commitment to work together helps patients to easily access a range of networked services, including advanced primary care services. 

Trainee GPs also benefit from special features of the entire network that would not be available through sole practice placements.

Key innovation partner – leading edge systems

Nirvana Health is a key innovation partner in the health system, with a very strong technology focus and the single largest patient health record platform in New Zealand. This allows patients to be seen at any Nirvana clinic, and enables a sophisticated quality outcomes system. 

No matter which team sees a patient, records are readily available and up to date for patient safety and continuity of care, and all Nirvana clinics have patient portals.

Adherence to health literacy policies

We understand patients will always have differing needs; we continually seek to understand these needs and how to best meet them. The diverse communities in which the group operates have always been represented in its multicultural workforce.

Currently, staff across the organisation represent almost 44 different ethnic groups. Among our staff, over 25 different languages are spoken, all of which assists our efforts to ensure every patient understands their consultation and what their management plan is.

Prevention is the best cure, so we implement population based health promotion and prevention services that are understood by population subgroups, in particular those at highest risk of future poor health outcomes.  

Vital community connections  

Nirvana Health works closely with the south Auckland community to better understand population needs and respond to them. We work with schools, churches and community groups making presentations on health topics, answering service provision questions and delivering health message materials. Nirvana Health also plays a key role in local radio station programmes, and puts out a weekly e-newsletter to keep the community informed about key health news and events.

Whole of system approach

Our medical model allows a true “whole of system” approach where together we can meet the needs of patients and their families. Our service delivery not only addresses immediate problems, it looks at prevention and self management, and improving quality of life. 

Our programmes in the clinics and in the community, enhance the value of the primary care services to the wider healthcare sector, and build sustainable and rewarding careers for our team members. 

Award winning, respected employer

Nirvana Health is the winner of many prestigious business and personal awards. Both Dr and Mrs Patel are recipients of a Queen’s Service Medal, one of the country’s highest accolades, for services to the Indian community. Mrs Patel was, in 2016, made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) and won the Deloitte Top 200 Visionary Leader award for 2016.

Their most recent business award was the EEO 2014 Annual Diversity Awards’ Positive Inclusion Award, which celebrates innovative responses to inclusivity in the workforce.